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Prepared, professional and responsible. He has a passion for his work which he carries out with involvement and attention to detail.


The queen of the team. Direct and friendly, attentive to accounting and the work environment. Manages the organization of the experiences.


Nice, cheerful and affable. Active on several fronts, he leaves nothing to chance, guests find in him a friend and convivial person.


Pragmatic, concrete. He plays an active role in the development of the company. Organization of quality services are its priorities.


Well-groomed physique and Nordic look. Passionate and dreamer, he lives his work with dedication, taking care of the vehicles and customers with attention.


Determined and likeable. He carries out his work with the utmost commitment and professionalism, giving priority to the needs of the guests.

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The History of Polignano made in Love

Love for the territory, care for the environment, passion for tourism.

Polignano Made in Love was born from the passion for our country, our roots, our traditions. The pride of seeing Polignano become an increasingly popular destination for Italian and international tourists. The desire to create a "meeting space" between locals and travelers to welcome those who choose Polignano as a place to spend time. A month, a week, a day or just an hour ... it doesn't matter. Because "a glance is enough to fall in love" said a famous Italian song. And so our community of Polignano Lovers was born ... those who love Polignano. A community open to all, without distinction: Polignanesi by birth, by adoption, by choice ... or by chance, united only by a passion and a feeling of deep love for this country. United by the desire to live stories, experiences, write pages of life and share them. In short ... all those who in Polignano ... feel at home. We have thought of a new way to discover our country. Thus was born the idea of ​​"experiential paths", a way to make those who choose to visit Polignano feel at home. The idea of ​​these paths comes from the desire to open the doors of our country. Because we believe that to really get to know a place you shouldn't simply visit it, but "live" it, even if only for a few hours. Our routes have been designed to share our traditions, customs and traditions, but above all the stories of ours. people. Because what makes every place special are the people we discover it with