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What drives us?

The passion for our town, roots and traditions. The pride to see Polignano a Mare so popular among Italian and international tourists. The dream to create a “meeting place” between locals and travellers. The desire to welcome whoever chooses our town to have a relaxing time. One month, one week, one day or only one hour...it doesn’t matter!  Like a famous Italian song says.... “One hour is enough to fall in love”.

That's why Polignano Made in Love is born, a community of Polignano lovers, an open space without limits: citizens by birth, by adoption, by choice.....and by fate. All the people who feel at home in Polignano. All together to live experiences, writing pages of life and sharing them.

What we do

We thought of a new way to make you discover our town through "experiential itineraries", a way to make anyone who chooses to visit Polignano feel at home.

The idea of these itineraries comes from the wish to open the doors of our town to others. Because we  believe that, in order to truly know a place, one shouldn't just visit it but "living it", even just for a few hours.

Our itineraries were specifically created to share our traditions, our habits and customs, but, most of all, the stories of our people because what makes any place special is the people whom we discover it with.